Why Implement Layered Process Audits?

  • Posted 16 April 2015
  • Category: Blog

In the perfect manufacturing environment, product quality would be effortless; there would be zero defects, no re-work and non-conforming products simply would not exist. Unfortunately, in the real world of manufacturing, product quality is an ongoing process that requires checks, verification and documentation of materials and processes, as well as training and communication, up and down the manufacturing enterprise.

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Why Your Company Needs A Quality Management System

  • Posted 28 October 2014
  • Category: Blog

Your business operations are a huge investment in time and financial resources. In order to maximize the return you get from your operations, you need to utilize a quality management system to identify issues and recommend corrections. In order to maintain a profitable organization, you should always monitor and update all of your processes and business methods.

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The MOM vs MES Debate: Which Is Better?

  • Posted 28 October 2014
  • Category: Blog

The manufacturing industry has changed a lot over the past few decades and, in the process, it has created an acronym mess that still leaves a lot of software manufacturers and users confused. Software developers started to throw around acronyms that were eventually twisted to meet the needs of the developers and not their customers. After a while, business processes and control software started to get confused and manufacturing companies were caught in the middle.

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The Quest For Zero – AIAG 2014

The Team presented at the AIAG Quality Summit in 2014 for Emerging Technologies about how creating a layered process audit software has introduced us for the next wave of quality-driven manufacturing technologies.

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