Ensuring products are safe and quality means going beyond the typical paper based inspection management systems. In today’s fast paced & regulated manufacturing environments getting real time feedback from your various inspection points is critical to heading off issues before they become customer containments or recalls. Built and tested in the field, our quality-driven production inspection management software will change how your team processes inspection data

The Bottom Line:

Why Invest In Inspection Management Software?

Traditional Inspection System ChallengesBenefits of E-Data Now Inspections
The Dreaded Inspection Sheet Binder Centralized System so Data is Easily Retrieved
Complex Implementation Quick Implementations With ROI in Weeks
Advanced Costly Integrations with ERP Built In Tools To Work Around Integrations
Duplication of Effort Processing Data Collect Data all at once
No Real Time Information Real Time Reports Instantly

E-Data Now! Inspections - Close the Loop on Quality

Inspection Performance Management & Validation
  • Built in Work Instructions with employee sign off records
  • Quality Alerts with frequency settings and sign off validation
  • Visual Poka-Yoke for good/bad operator references
  • Cost of Quality tracking for all rejects, failures, downtime and more…
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Time Management - track inspection performance to the second, with associated hourly rate of inspection, or ensure no ghost employees from third party inspectors with detailed time and performance tracking metrics.
Flexible Audit Question Types


  • Tackle a variety of inspection types like GP 12, First Off/ Last Off, Inline/Offline Inspections, Incoming Inspections, Yard Purges, Barcode Error Proofing, Dock Inspections and more as a result of our flexible and scalable software platform.
  • Built in Standard Ready to Use Inspections
  • Additional Question Types Included (But not limited too):
    • Value-Based Pass Fail
    • Camera Capture
    • Control Chart (Simplified SPC)
    • Value (Open Text or Numeric)
    • Tolerance
    • Severity
    • Value Comparison
    • Part Verification with Supporting Reference Images
    • Signature Based (Auditor or Third Party)


Instant Email Notifications
  • Fully Customizable To Deliver The Right Reports To Right Person/Team
  • In Process Notifications – Right From Audits & Inspections
  • Post Summary Notifications - like dashboards, control charts and more
  • Device or email notifications
  • Easily communicate finding between sister plants/locations
  • A Few Examples:
    • Shift Summaries – Instant, In-Term, End of Shift, 24 hrs, Weekly
    • By part, reason, suspect, clean point, lot serial, inspection hours, bin and more
    • Downtime Notifications
    • Audit Summary Reports with Cost of Quality And More
    • Instant Failure Notification To Multiple Team Members
    • Frequency Based Charts or Dashboard Reports
Corrective Action Planning
  • Failures Reported Instantly From Shop Floor
  • Create multi-layered corrective action plans with follow up verifications to ensure effectiveness and validate completion.
  • Email Notifications Immediately Alerts Stakeholders
  • Tracks Instant CAPA Response From Floor
  • Concentration Maps For Quicker Root Cause Analysis
  • Trace CARs Response To Completion
  • Reject, Scrap Tracking & Reporting
  • And More...
Critical Access to Key Quality Inspection & Manufacturing Reports
  • Instant I-Charts, X-Charts, R-Charts
  • SPC Control Charts with CSV export
  • Executive Style Dashboards
  • Concentration Maps for visual defect management
  • Rollup your Data how you want – From one process or operator to the world
  • Daily, weekly and custom customer-driven statistics and charting by part number, serial number, defect, etc.
  • Traceability by part, reason, time, lot, clean point or more and other great reports like LPA summaries, Corrective action stats, reject summaries, cost of quality overviews, EHS reports, training logs....
And More
  • like being 100% audit ready & ISO compliant
  • Offline Inspections
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Other Useful Benefits

Instant Communication = Reduced Waste = Increased Productivity & PROFITS!
One company. One database. Instant information. Currently serving clients around the world in industries like Automotive, General Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Mining & Metals Oil & Gas and More! Learn how E-Data Now can help you and your industry.


Helping Others Succeed

The Quest For Zero – AIAG 2014

The Team presented at the AIAG Quality Summit in 2014 for Emerging Technologies about how creating a layered process audit software has introduced us for the next wave of quality-driven manufacturing technologies.

E-Data Now has helped our company reduce rejects from 143 PPM to 0

Tier 1 Supplier
Quality Manager

Great support team. E-Data Now knows the shop floor and listens to its customer to drive improvements!

Tier 2 Supplier
Plant Manager

E-Data Now is critical in how we report and communicate issues to our clients. Clients do not have to wait for data it can be accessed right on the floor

Tier 3 Supplier
Phoenix Quality Operations Manager


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